Game Websites Redesign

In this case study, I will take you through my work on the redesign of three game websites: Sedecordle, Word500, and Crisslecrossle.
UI Designer
2 weeks
Problem Statement
The existing Sedecordle, Word500, and Crisslecrossle gaming websites suffered from outdated designs, poor user engagement, complex navigation, and lacked mobile responsiveness.
Transformed these websites with a user-centric approach, incorporating visually appealing designs to boost user engagement and improve the overall gaming experience.
Let’s Dive In
1. Ideation and Moodboarding:
3. Visual Design
Leveraging the wireframes as a foundation, I meticulously crafted visually appealing designs that incorporated modern aesthetics and elements relevant to gaming culture
In a tight 2 weeks timeframe, I addressed design issues, boosted user engagement, ensured mobile responsiveness, managed a tight budget, and delivered efficient results.
Kicked off the project with an intensive ideation phase, including moodboards to explore various design directions, color schemes, and visual styles
2. Wireframe
Based on the selected design direction from the moodboard, I proceeded to create detailed wireframes that outlined the layout and structure of the websites, ensuring an organized and user-friendly interface.
4. Comparing Old and New Designs
To illustrate the transformation, let's compare the old and new designs side by side, highlighting the significant improvements made in terms of aesthetics, user engagement, and functionality.
> Major Changes
5. Prototyping
After finalizing the visual designs, I developed interactive prototypes to provide a hands-on experience of the new designs, allowing for user testing and feedback
6. Development Handoff
Provided guidelines for spacing and other related components
Business Impact
  • Increased user engagement, resulting in users spending 10% more time playing games.
  • Improved user experience, as reflected in a 20% reduction in the bounce rate.
  • Enhanced mobile-friendliness, with a 22% boost in mobile gaming activity.
  • Increased user activity, with a 25% rise in daily gameplay sessions.
  • Positive client feedback, with a client satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5, highlighting more playtime and heightened user activity.
In just 2 weeks, I tackled design issues, boosted user engagement, ensured mobile responsiveness, managed a tight budget, and delivered efficient results, resulting in more playtime and heightened user activity, all while receiving positive client feedback.