Sweets Landing Page

I had the exciting opportunity to work on "Sweets by Camilla," a project centered around establishing an online presence for a new sweet shop. Camilla, the proprietor, aspired to showcase her bakery's diverse range of sweets, breakfast items, cakes, and more to a wider audience. The primary goal was to enhance the online visibility of the sweet shop, increase sales, and reach a larger customer base.
UI Designer
3 Weeks
Problem Statement
  • Engaging landing page UI Design in Figma
Limited online visibility for offerings
  • Limited online visibility for Sweets by Camilla's offerings.
  • Inability to reach potential customers beyond the local community.
  • Missed opportunities for online sales and customer engagement.
  • Created a visually appealing and user-friendly website to address challenges.
  • Growing reliance on online platforms for product discovery and purchases.
  • Need to establish a captivating online presence for increased brand visibility.
  • Webflow integration for quick build and CMS
  • Responsive design for seamless accessibility across devices
  • Product Showcase for an engaging user experience.
  • Website analytics data-driven insights and performance optimization
  • Difficulty in showcasing the wide variety of sweets, breakfast items, and cakes.
  • Potential customers unaware of the diverse range of products available.
Inability to reach beyond the local community:
  • Restricted customer base to the local area.
  • Missed opportunities to attract customers from a broader geographical scope.
Missed opportunities for online sales and engagement:
  • Lack of an online platform hindered the potential for direct sales.
  • Limited avenues for customer interaction and engagement.
> Understanding Camilla's Vision:
> Competitor Analysis:
3. UI Designs
4. Webflow Build
Business Impact
  • Significant Boost in Search Rankings.
  • Interactive Design Drives User Interaction.
  • Direct Catering Conversions.
  • Commendation for User-Friendly Design and Product Presentation.
  • Outreach Beyond the Local Community.
  • Insights Inform Ongoing Optimization and Growth.
Design Process
Let's Dive In
1. Discover
2. Wireframing
Successful transformation of Sweets by Camilla's online presence, achieving goals of increased visibility, user engagement, and online sales. Positive customer feedback and expansion of the customer base highlight the impact. Real-time content updates empower future growth, and valuable insights gained will inform ongoing optimization.