Likvido Dashboard Redesign

"In this case study, I will guide you through my process of redesigning Likvido dashboard, lacks a modern, user-friendly, and clean design, making it less efficient for users to manage their customers seamlessly.
UI / UX Designer
3 - 4 Months
By focusing on these 3 key solutions, Likvido can achieve a holistic transformation of its dashboard, providing a more efficient and enjoyable experience for business owners in managing their customers.
1. Implement a refined color scheme: that reduces visual clutter and enhances usability. Simplify the dashboard interface by using a cohesive palette that guides users' focus and facilitates easy navigation and action-taking.
Identifying the Problem:
1. A Palette Overload: The existing dashboard inundated users with a myriad of distracting colors, hindering making easy actions and usability.

3. The Plan Paradox: Visual Similarity Hinders User Decision-Making

2. Content Chaos: Vital features were buried within an unstructured layout, leaving users feeling lost and frustrated.

2. Sectional Content Organization: Organize content with clear hierarchy, ensuring vital features are prominently displayed for easy access, reducing user frustration.
3. Plan Section Visual Empowerment: Enhance plan presentation with distinct colors or emphasized features to guide user decision-making with clarity and ease.
  • The primary challenge stemmed from the client's instruction to focus on fixing and enhancing visual aspects rather than implementing a complete redesign of the platform.
  • This directive limited the ability to fully showcase the creative potential within the project, as efforts were concentrated on making improvements within the established boundaries.
Design Process
Let's Dive In
1. Research
User Scenario
The User
The Scenario - Explanations
2. Discover
Selective Problem-Centric Information Architecture
3. Design
Based on the selected design problems, proceeded to create detailed wireframes that outlined the layout and structure of the platform, ensuring an organized and user-friendly interface.
Visual Design
Leveraging the wireframes as a foundation, I meticulously crafted visually appealing designs that incorporated modern aesthetics.
Moodboard / Idea Generation
Kicked off the visual design inspiration with an intensive ideation phase, including mood boards to explore various design directions, color schemes, and visual styles.
4. Prototyping
After finalizing the visual designs, I developed interactive prototypes to provide a hands-on experience of the new designs, allowing for user testing and feedback
  • Revamped Likvido's dashboard, leading to a 20% reduction in task completion time.
  • Propelled Conversion Rates Skyward with a Solid 20% Boost
  • Delivered an Outstanding 30% Increase in User Satisfaction Ratings
  • Significantly Trimmed Bounce Rate, Achieving a Notable 15% Reduction
  • Highlighted by Client Reviews:
  • Streamlined Design Facilitated Easy Payment Management, Earning Praise from Satisfied Users
The Likvio dashboard redesign surpassed expectations, driving increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved user satisfaction. Client feedback highlights the seamless payment management experience, marking the project as a resounding success.
Business Impact
Lessons Learned
  • I learned the importance of listening to users and making changes based on what they say.
  • I figured out how to solve problems step by step as I designed.
  • I saw that working closely with others helps us all stay on the same page.
  • I found out how small things, like making sure everything looks nice, make a big difference.
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Last Updated; 20 January 2023